Annual Graphs of Lake Level and Generator Status

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This note presents graphs of the annual variation of lake levels and generator status from data courtesy of Jeff Leeks. The results are in essential agreement with the daily average data lake level data extracted from Brookhaven’s annual reports.


Jeff Leek provided the lake level and generator status results that he scraped from Brookfield’s website essentially every 10 minutes from the years 2012 through today. The data is mostly complete but there are gaps from various causes.

One is from the water level sensor not operating properly and hence the reports on the Deep Creek Hydro website were stagnant for some period of time. Another reason is that Brookfield changes they website which caused loss of data because this was unannounced.

Graphs have been produced for each of these years and are attached to this report. Furthermore, the data used to produce the graphs are available from the website.

The points on the graphs are daily averages. These are calculated by counting the number of reported values for the day and dividing that result into the sum of the reported lake level values.

The generator status is reported on the Deep Creek Hydro website as either ON or OFF. There is no specification for whether one or both generators are operating, or whether the generators are operating at part power. It is assumed that the generators are operating at full power for both turbines. The generator operating time has been computed by accounting for the duration between reporting dates.

The author has done a similar ‘web scraping’ effort, but has only occasional results. It is expected that this note will be upgraded at a future time by adding the missing data.

NOTE: There is no specific script associated with this.

PLV: First Published 4/26/2017.

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